Great story, thank you for sharing it with us, and I agree, it’s not where it needs to be, but any progress is better than none! Please update us with the outcome on December 12th!


I believe the court systems are starting to hear us guys, they might not hear us as loud as we want them to hear us, but any progress is good progress.

Here’s a little bit of my story My kids mom and I split up in July. I moved out and she stayed for a little bit. Everything was going fine, for only a short amount of time we were working together a little bit, I got to see my kid whenever I messaged her and asked. I even got one whole weekend with my child including overnights. I thought everything was good. IT WASN’T!!!!

Found out she filed a false domestic violence case against me two days after we had a verbal argument, she said I tried to hit her with my child in my arms, when really, what happened was she bawled her fist up like she was going to hit me, I had my child in my left arm, so I turned into her with my right shoulder, didn’t touch her or anything, only turned that way to shield my child in case she did hit me, she wouldn’t have hit my child. Told the police she was scared of me and all that, got thrown in jail for a night, and out on bond on the dv case. This all happened before the whole weekend I got to spend with my child, so her saying she’s concerned about my child’s safety is bs.

Well, the day after I had my child for the weekend, my kid’s mother and my child moved to NY with my kids mother’s mom. August 1st to be exact. Since then I have only had 4 hours of supervised visitation with my child, even after a court order that stated she was to allow visitation and her and I would have to agree to something. I am willing to travel to NY for the weekend to see my child and she won’t contact me back or allow any visitation. So yesterday was our first court date besides the emergency custody date. She doesn’t show up, only her attorney.  My attorney went in with her attorney, told the magistrate the story and what was going on and how she refuses to give me any visitation and won’t allow me to talk or video chat with my kid. Magistrate looked at her attorney and stated what your client is doing isn’t right, so here what I’m going to do: I’m giving the father until October 4 to write his temporary visitation affidavits and I will make a ruling for temporary custody on temporary visitation orders that date . We are also going to skip mediation and hire a guardian ad litem for the case. The next court date will be December 12, and that’s when our final visitation schedule will be placed in order.

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