I am absolutely appalled at the fact she exposed her to such danger and the state had no problem giving the child back to her. Unbelievable. This story right here drives me even more to spread awareness about the gender bias in family court.

My daughter is now six years old. I was a stay at home dad for the first two years of my daughter’s life, taking online college courses and graduated earning my associates degree in science business administration. Anyways i’ve lived in the same place for six years now, where my daughter lived with me. Before she turned 3, her mom left me and took my daughter with her. No, we were never married. She has moved my daughter around a total of 12 times including where she’s at now.

They moved down to Mississippi the first time, so my daughter’s mom could be with some guy down there. The day they got down there, my daughter’s mom’s boyfriend (at the time) was arrested in front of my daughter for embezzlement, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He was put in prison about two or three months. After that, my daughter’s mom called me begging and pleading for me to take her back, so i did. My mom and i drove down to pick my daughter and her mom up.

About a month after that, she left me again and took my daughter. She then moved all over town, living with friends of hers, as well as moving into my mom’s. She used my mom and stole over 200 dollars from her, including a registered pedophile. My daughter’s mom and this boyfriend did drugs around my kid. i found out about it, so she moved back down to Mississippi with my kid once again, to be with the guy from there she went to be with the first time, when he was released from prison. They have been down there since. I get a phone call from my dad, and he proceeds to tell me my daughter is in foster care. I immediately contacted children’s services down in Mississippi. They tell me that my daughter is in foster care because they found out that my daughter’s mom and her boyfriend had my daughter homeless for two weeks, didn’t feed her, and didn’t bathe her. Come to find out, she suffered from a severe urinary tract infection.

Because of that, my daughter’s mom ended up stealing from walmarts in several different counties in Mississippi. She also was using methadone, methamphetamines, as well as amphetamines. I have now only seen my daughter twice since she was two, and that was only because i had to take time off of work to go to court down in Mississippi. Thank god they let me visit my daughter both times. My daughter’s mom is now pregnant again by someone else. After all this, Mississippi is still wanting to give my daughter back to her mom, even though i’ve lived in the same place, have a great job, and don’t use drugs or drink or anything. The last time i went down, the judge recommended i get phone calls from my daughter every Saturday. It has been about a month now and i still haven’t heard from my kid.