Thank you, Wayne, for sharing your story with us. Spreading the word is so important!


The judge I had here in Baxley, GA, said that since I was a truck driver that I couldn’t properly take care of my child, but my sister and brother in law were more than willing to help me care for her while I was away. My ex wife lets our daughter get eaten up by all kinds of bugs and fleas and she is covered in bug and flea bites every time I get her, and no one wants to do anything about it because DFCS is in favor of the mother in all child custody cases.

To start it off my daughter had jumped off of a porch at my sisters house and broken her leg. She was in the hospital for 8 days. My ex wife stayed 1 night with her and then left with her boyfriend, we were still married at this time, and she didn’t come back till the day my daughter went home. During this time, she had found her and her bf a place to live, and filed for divorce. The day our daughter came home, my ex-wife showed up and threw my sister and brother in law out of my daughter’s room, and told them that they could not go back in there. My sister and brother in law took the week off of work to stay with her, because I had to return to work. When we went to court she told the judge that I had not offered to even help with diapers or anything for ***. That was a lie, because I told her that if she needed anything for *** to let me know. She also told the judge that I didn’t have a lot to do with her and wouldn’t even give her a bath. Also a lie. And she proceeded to blame my sister for *** breaking her leg, as if accidents don’t happen. I was awarded 2 weekends a month to see my daughter from 6 pm on that Friday till 4 pm on the following Sunday. While *** was in the cast, 6 weeks, she had begun to get the bite marks from fleas on her. We called the Wayne County Sheriff Department and told them that I would like to have the Department of Family and Children Services come in and make a report. When the gentleman arrived to make the report, he asked my ex wife what the bites were from she told them mosquitoes, obviously not, and he believed her. Well from then on, I caught immortal hell trying to prove that they were flea bites. No judge or Doctor would make a report that they were flea bites and not mosquito bites.

Then we went back to court, and I was awarded every weekend visitation and one day a week also. And then all I could do was try and make them believe that my child was being eaten up by fleas, he told me that I was responsible for spraying or having sprayed my ex-wife’s home one time only, and she was responsible from then on. Now my daughter comes to me every single weekend with new flea bites, and her pediatrician won’t make a report on them for only God knows what reason. May 16, 2016 was the beginning date of our divorce and May 30, 2017 was the day our divorce was final. I now pay $517 a month in child support and she refuses to provide receipts for what she uses it on as agreed on our divorce papers.

I get my daughter every weekend and I have thought about going back for more time, but I just don’t have the money. I haven’t even been able to pay off my lawyer yet.